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About Lehua's Forest

Giving project ~ "A wreath made of weeds"

November 26th, 2017, feeling a little blue, went out to the backyard to look for inspiration in nature and with the idea of attempting to make a wreath for Christmas with random things growing.

Spent the morning collecting  foliage, flowers and succulents to twist together and make a wreath. When it was done I was so happy, my mood was lifted and  I could not stop smiling.

Having been so excited about this silly “wreath made of weeds”  of course a photo was posted to Facebook. That surprisingly led to a wreath inquiry that ended up being my first customer. Inspired, I continued on by finding more creative ways to make handmade wreaths.  Created some better looking wreath ideas ha ha, and posted on Facebook Garage Sale. Orders started pouring in.

Reached out to my amazing friend in the wholesale business, she took me under her wing and helped with the resources needed to get the flowers to fill the huge amounts orders that were pouring in. The wreaths became gorgeous compilations of Ti Leaf, Protea, Eucalyptus, Palm & Song of India. Adding succulents ended up being a hit as once the wreath would dry the Succulents would keep growing. 

It ended up being a whirlwind Christmas filled with so much beauty, love and kindness. This kicked off an annual Christmas wreath tradition.

In December 2018 my mom ordered a formal floral arrangement for a friend, had never made one before. It was SO much fun to make!
 Having no idea what I was doing. That arrangement was built in dry oasis, at that time I didn’t know it was supposed to be wet or pre-soak! :) Every stem added was like fireworks of excitement and beauty. There are no words to describe the feeling when that first arrangement was complete. The joy from collecting the flowers, thinking about the customer and putting it together was amazing. 

Posted a photo to Facebook when it was done and well you know the rest… That moment birthed our Maui Flower Delivery Company.

December 28th, 2018 we branded the name Pukalani Floral. That date will forever be the beginning of a beautiful, challenging and life changing journey.

We then decided to offer delivery to our little Maui Flower Delivery company and quickly soared to the top. The days were jam packed with happiness and sending message through flower arrangements across the island.

In 2020 my family had some hard luck with a family member getting injured and falling ill. 
By 2021 there wasn’t enough time to carry Pukalani Floral anymore. So we listed it for sale.

It was hard to see it go and have missed it ever since. 

July 15th 2021 Pukalani Floral was purchased by a talented dynamic duo who to continue with Pukalani Floralʻs legacy. They a have done amazing things, adding weddings, wholesale, entertainment and more. They continue to offer beautiful floral arrangements to Maui’s Community.

Fast forward to 2022. The birth of Lehua's Forest, a new way of giving.

Creating and sending messages through floral arranging was truly my happy place. Now that torch lives on with the Pukalani Floral Owners.

Lehua's Forest, a new way of giving. Has been created to continue facilitating messages through living plant designs and gift baskets.

Through a traumatic personal experience, our eyes were blasted open during the last years at the need for financial support for elders. As well as supporting local farmers and our economy. Lehua's Forest supports both. A portion of proceeds from every order goes to The Lehua Foundation. And every plant you buy was loved and grown here on Maui by a local farmer.  

It's been such an amazing ride filled with so many heartfelt moments, human interactions and connections. We are so happy to be back here with our WHY and reason to get up every day and do our best.

Thank you for visiting Lehua's Forest, we hope you will find something lovely here to send to someone you care about. We welcome custom orders any time. If there is something you don't see here, a plant or an idea you have, we can facilitate most requests. Just give us a ring 808-757-8771 or email

We’ve missed you all and glad to be back.

Ocean Lehua

PS Looking back I can't believe this wreath made of weeds from the back yard led to a lifestyle change and so much happiness. It represents a message for us all. “If it comes from kindness and from your heart it will grow.”

**Please note, in order to be fiercely moral and support the new Owners of Pukalani Floral we do not offer cut flower arrangements of any kind at this time.